Are your teeth starting to hurt because finding time to go to the dentist is too challenging? At goodr we strive for “work-life integration” because “work-life balance” is fool’s gold. Our goal is to create a culture where you can show up as yourself everywhere and do what you need to do (like go to the dentist…) while excelling in your career.


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Do you have a home office setup? Stephen does not. He is fortunate that he still gets to go into his beautifully wallpapered office. Podcast recording is the exception. He records those in a closet at home.

How do you keep work from interrupting your time off? Zero notifications turned on, ever, and when Stephen leaves the office on Friday, he’s done. And we all know and respect that.

Are you productive during your commute? Sometimes. Stephen has an 18 minute commute. After recording the podcast on Wednesday he takes a ten minute break, gets in the car and calls Shaun to prep for the next week’s recording. Talking on the phone while driving is the best-- hands free of course. If he has nobody to chat with, he pops on a podcast.

If you randomly decide to go golfing tomorrow afternoon, how would that change your day today? He wouldn’t do that… but okay… if there is a ridiculously rad opportunity, Stephen would look at his calendar and politely ask how to get out of all of the meetings he had. He’d make it work, and if he couldn’t, he’d feel FOMO for a few hours (or days…) and move on.

What’s your favorite CULTURE goodr concept that you use in your personal life? Feedback. Stephen finds himself giving feedback regularly, and guess what? People do not like it. What’s the alternative though? He sits there pissed and they think what they’re doing is okay. Nope. Not in SDL’s world!

How do you use stuff at goodr for difficult convos during the holidays? First, listen. People want to talk. Then ask, “What value does that represent for you?” People can’t handle that question, and it stops them in their tracks. It’s a great tool to use to ask people what something really means to them.


People might think that all of the initiatives at goodr conflict with each other. They don’t. It is only conflicting if you let it be. Nothing is ever black and white. These concepts work together, and there is constant nuance. It’s always 50 shades of gravy. Hah, we meant gray… 50 Shades of Gravy were our Thanksgiving sunglasses, silly us.


Work-life separation is fool’s gold. Stop trying to separate them. Depending on your job you might be able to separate them. Just make sure you’re being authentically you wherever you show up. If you can’t separate it, and you’re not happy, look for that company that allows you to be you.

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* This episode of CULTURE goodr was edited by Josh Montgomery.