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In baseball, you gotta keep your eye on the ball, or you’ll take a ball to the eye. That means you can’t mess around with your eyewear, or you could get nailed in the eyeball with bright sunlight. (Also, not to make it weird, but we checked, and harmful UV rays were rooting for the other team. Don’t say we were the ones who told you, though.)

Baseball sunglasses are an absolute must-have. But what kind should you get? Let’s walk through the basics, shall we?

What Are The Best Sunglasses For Baseball?

Ahh, baseball. The sliding, spitting, diving, swinging, and aggressive gum-chewing game we know and love. You already know that you’re not geared up for America’s favorite pastime without your baseball sunglasses, but how do you find the best bang for your buck when it comes to your shades? Here are a few of the factors you’ll want to consider:

No Slip, No Bounce Frames

Considering your frames is essential when selecting the best baseball sunglasses. Baseball players need a snug, lightweight frame that won’t slip or bounce when they run the bases, slide into home plate, or dive for that epic game-winning catch– no matter how sweaty they get.

All goodr sunnies have a special grip coating to ensure they stay put (AKA no more sliding off your face) even if you’re rocking that mid-game sweat-drenched glow.

Level-Up Your Lens Game

Think any old lenses will do the trick? Think again. We’ll dive into this in greater depth later, but look for something with UV400 protection, polarized lenses, and the right lens tint for every weather condition.

Rep The Home Team

If the color of your jersey matters, then why wouldn’t the color of your shades?!? Rock your team colors from head to toe when you choose from our wide variety of bright-colored baseball sunglasses. Plus, since our active sunglasses start at just $25 (yup, you read that right), you can afford to get a few pairs to keep your style as fresh as your game.

Also, goodr sunglasses are all unisex. So, regardless of your team colors, you won’t need to look for the best men’s or women’s baseball sunglasses in a particular shade to match your team. Sunglasses don’t have gender identities, so our sunglasses play for all teams.

Keep Post-Game Drinks in the Budget

You don’t need to break the bank on outrageously expensive sunglasses to have high-performance baseball sunglasses, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the first pair of cheap baseball sunglasses you come across, either.

That’s why goodr offers affordable baseball sunglasses with all the high-performance features you need but at a price that won’t eat into your budget for celebrating with the team after a legendary victory. (Or crushing defeat, we don’t judge.)

What Kind of Lenses Should Baseball Sunglasses Have?

You’re going to look for a few different things when it comes to lenses for your baseball sunglasses. Here’s a quick overview:

UV Protection is the MVP

Not all lenses are created equal when it comes to protecting your eyes. You need to look for lenses that specifically have UV400 protection, the maximum amount of protection you can find in your lenses. That means they have a special lens coating to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays at the highest end of the spectrum. These rays can cause eye strain and even damage your vision over time.

Don’t worry; every pair of goodr sunglasses offers UV400 protection, so you can focus on style and fit without sacrificing the quality of your eye protection.

Polarized Baseball Sunglasses FTW

Okay, so what are polarized lenses? Like literally, though. We’re so glad you asked!!! There’s a common misconception that polarized lenses are the same as UV protection, but they’re two totally separate things. Polarized baseball sunglasses will have a special lens coating that filters out the horizontal light that causes glare. 

Imagine staring at the baseball diamond and seeing bright overhead light bouncing off the mound, the bases, and the dirt. And don’t even get us started on those metal stands filled with your cheering section. It makes you squint just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Polarized baseball sunglasses will filter out the glare, so you can always keep your eye on the ball.

The Right Lens Color, No Matter the Weather

Baseball season is from spring to fall. AKA, the most unpredictable weather seasons. You’ll want lenses with a low VLT (visible light transmission) for a bright sunny day, meaning there’s less light that can pass through the lens to protect those peepers– so you might reach for a pair of Look Ma, No Hands! -LOOK MA, NO HANDS WRAP G sunglasses that have a single wraparound lens that is mirrored to reflect bright light and keep your eyes covered from every angle.

But what if it’s one of those ever-changing late-April days? You might opt for a pair of brown-lens baseball sunglasses with a high VLT (to see more light through the lens), like our Nine Dollar Pour Over Circle G shades on a cloudy day, to help protect your eyes and reduce glare from any breakthrough sun. 

Want a pair of fully clear-lens baseball sunglasses? We’ve still gotchu, boo. Pop on a pair of our It's Not Just A Game -It’s Not Just a Game BFG sunglasses to channel that inner “HOW WAS THAT A STRIKE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! DO YOU NEED GLASSES, REF?!?” energy.

What About Prescription Baseball Sunglasses?

Glasses-wearers rejoice! We recently started offering select pairs of goodr sunglasses with prescription lenses.

Are Softball Sunglasses Different From Baseball Sunglasses?

Ultimately, softball sunglasses and baseball sunglasses will fill the same essential functions. It’s all about performance (no slip, no bounce frames), the right lenses for the right conditions, baseball sunglasses that match your style, and an affordable price. 

What matters most is that you’re comfortable, love how you look, and have the features you need to keep your head in the game. So, at the end of the day, will the best fastpitch softball sunglasses look that different from the best baseball sunglasses? Probably not by much, but only you can decide what feels and looks best to you.

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