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Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States– just ask picklers, they’ll tell you aaaaall about it. No shade to our pickled pals, though. We’re just as obsessed as you. And being that we’re in the business of sunnies, we wanted to shed a little light on the subject. So, can you wear sunglasses in pickleball? ABSOLUTELY.

But there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re picking out your perfect pair of pickleball sunglasses. Read on to get the run down of how to find your pickleball sunnies soulmate…

What Kind of Sport Sunglasses Should You Wear When Playing Pickleball?

As a general rule, the best pickleball sunglasses are ones you’ll be able to forget you’re even wearing. (Until you catch a glimpse of how flockin’ hot you look in them, obviously.) But you need something high-performance enough to keep up with you on the court.

The best sunglasses for pickleball:

  • Won’t slip when you sweat
  • Won’t bounce when you get wild on the court
  • Help you see clearer
  • Protect your pickle-lovin’ peepers
  • Will actually be stylish

That’s where goodr comes in!!! All of our sunglasses are no slip, no bounce, all polarized, and all fun. That’s right– our sunglasses have a special grip coating to prevent slippage when you’re sweating it out on the court. And bouncing? I don’t dink so. Our frames are designed to be super lightweight with a snug fit, so they stay in place and move with you. But what about lenses?!?!? Shh, my tender pickler. We’ll cover that in our next heading.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Good for Pickleball?

See? We told you we’d get to lenses. So are sunglasses with polarized lenses good for pickleball? Yes. Mhm. Absolutely. You bet. 

We know what you’re thinking: “Cool, cool, cool. Just a few follow-ups, like why? And how do you know? And also, wtf are polarized lenses? Is that the same thing as protection from UV rays? Also, why do I need that?”

WE HEAR YA. This stuff can be needlessly complicated sometimes, so let’s break it down…

What the F*ck Are Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses have a coating that filters out horizontal light. So the glare bouncing off the court into your eyeball causing you to miss your shot and fall face first? That’d be horizontal light. So blocking it will give you that clear, crisp view of your opponent's faces as they wither in defeat. You’re welcome.

Cool, But Do Polarized Lenses Protect Your Eyes?

Strictly speaking, UV protection is totally separate from polarized lenses. Also, a lens coating, but they do entirely different things. Polarized lenses can give you crisper vision on the court, reducing eye strain, but the main point of polarized lenses is to provide you with clearer vision. You definitely still need UV protection, though. But we’ve got good news!!! 

Not only are all goodr sunglasses polarized, they also offer UV400 protection (AKA the literal best out there), so you don’t have to choose between keeping your eyes safe or your vision crisp.

Are Tinted Lenses Good for Pickleball?

We’ve got ‘em if you like ‘em!!! It’s all about what kind of light protection you want in your sunnies. If you’re playing early in the morning or the evening, you might prefer some low-light sunglasses that offer you UV400 protection and polarized lenses for a crisp view but that won’t be too dark. In that case, we’d recommend tinted lenses like you’ll find in our Au Revoir, Gopher , or Pineapple Painkillers -Pineapple Painkiller OG shades. What about if you need a pair of wide-fit sunglasses for your larger noggin? We’ve still got you covered with plenty of options, like our BFG shades, It's All In The Hips -It’s All in the Hips

What’s the Difference Between Pickleball Sunglasses & Tennis Sunglasses?

We know– you’ve spent hours explaining the difference between pickleball and tennis to your friends, but is there a difference when it comes to sunglasses? As it turns out, the best sunglasses for playing tennis are also the best sunglasses for playing pickleball. Tennis sunglasses need the same no slip, no bounce, polarized sunglasses with UV400 protection as pickleball sunglasses.

What’s the Difference Between the Best Women’s & Men’s Pickleball Sunglasses?

There isn’t one!!! Sunglasses don’t have genders, people do. And regardless of your gender identity, you should wear the sunglasses that you feel most comfortable in. Since all goodr sunglasses have the same no slip, no bounce, all polarized high-performance features, you can rest assured knowing that whatever pair looks and feels the best to you will be equally equipped to help you out on the pickleball court.

So whether you’re looking for women’s pickleball sunglasses, men’s pickleball sunglasses, unisex pickleball sunglasses (or men’s tennis sunglasses or women’s tennis sunglasses– we know it’s still a somewhat niche market for sunnies), you just need to find whatever pair makes you feel like the absolute pickleballin’ badass that you are and wear them with pride.

Who Makes the Best Pickleball Sunglasses?

We do. Try a pair today to find out for yourself.

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