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Best For Long, Pleasant Walks Down The Fairway

goodr’s OG sunglasses are par for the course. No– not just simply par. They’re eagle for the course. Albatross for the course. You get it– they’re really, really good. The OG frame features a classic shape with our polarized scratch-resistant lenses. The lightweight frame features our signature grip coating to make these no slip, no bounce, specialized rubber grips so there is no need for bulky nose pads or those annoying glasses straps.

Polarized lenses that block those harmful UV rays will enhance your vision both on and off the golf course. There is nothing worse than tanking your game because you miss an easy shot thanks to the glare monster. Don’t be the laughing stock of the golf course with cheesy golf sunglasses that are ten times the price. Polarized lenses are here to save your game!! Whether you need this enhancement to spot devious gophers, or you just need help spotting the ball on the course these OG golf sunglasses feature our high contrast, scratch-resistant lenses.

Like a Golf Cart on Rocket Fuel

Just because you love golf doesn’t mean you live life in the slow lane. You can bring your full flavor to the green with our Mach Gs, aviator-style sunglasses that combine the classic shape and large lens coverage you crave with the high-performance active eyewear standards that made us famous: no slip, no bounce, all polarized, all fun.

Plus, our Clubhouse Closeout and Tales from the Greenskeeper sunnies come equipped with high-contrast lens technology to enhance detail and help you easily spot the ball to get an extra edge on the competition– even your brother-in-law Steve who loves to call you “big chief” while he casually destroys you on the course. That’s right, slip on those Mach G shades and f*ck Steve up on that green in style.

Hipster Style, High-Def Vision

Do hipsters golf? That depends… do hipsters love antiquated things and being surrounded by aggressively mild reactions and extremely detailed rules? OF COURSE, THEY DO. And you know what they love even more? Maintaining their superior levels of style when they’re on the course with our Circle Gs.

Look, they only wear grandpa golf attire ironically to drink coffee or attend a soft indie concert where everyone just kind of sways in a semi-circle for five straight hours. But when they’re actually golfing? They need their look to be as sharp as their silent judgment of every trend from the past decade– especially the ones they were into before they were cool.

And speaking of looking sharp, these Fade-er-ade Shades and I’m Wearing Burgundy? sunnies come equipped with our high-contrast golf lenses to accentuate every detail of the course they’ll later pick apart with their equally hip and unimpressed crew over craft beers.

Function on the Golf Course, Fashion for the Clubhouse

Every time you golf, there’s another opponent 93 million miles away: the sun. (Unless you’re golfing at night, which seems pretty difficult, and kind of fun, but mostly difficult.) Yes, the sun shines a light on the course, which is good, but the sun also blasts light directly into your eyes, which doesn’t help your performance. Your eyeballs need a break from the nasty sun rays so you can keep track of your golf balls.

In other words, if you’re smacking balls, and you don’t want to lose your golf balls, protect your balls, so you can keep your balls on your balls. But you don’t just need a pair of golf sunglasses that block the sun on the golf course. You need the best golf sunglasses that are fashion-forward with real UV protection.

For many years, golfers had a reputation for wearing unattractive attire, usually involving garish plaid patterns and dated sunglasses styles. This stereotype became part of pop culture, inspiring others to mock golfers, calling them insulting names, like “Bad Clothes McGee.” (So hurtful.) So, what’s the best way to combat this negative golf trope?

Colorful cat-eye frame sunglasses without nose pads that leave those unsightly marks on your nose. And to make it even better? They don’t slip or bounce while you’re DESTROYING your 10-year-old cousin at golf and taunting them. What’s more, our golf sunglasses feature polarized lenses in a variety of vibrant colors which improve your depth perception and the perception that you have depth, as a fun-loving fashionista golfer who only sometimes bullies 10-year-olds.

Wide-Fit Golf Sunglasses for Larger Noggins

Sure, no slip, no bounce, all polarized, all fun golf sunglasses might sound great in theory– but how do we know they really work for everyone? What about folks with bigger heads who need a wider frame to properly fit their magnum-sized noggin? We would never forget you. Our BFGs (or Big F*cking goodrs) are made just for you, with wider frames, longer arms, and larger lenses for comfortable coverage to keep you focused on your balls.

Because you know what they say… the bigger the head, the bigger the balls. Golf balls, that is. Wait, the golf balls are standard size in this case. The bigger the golf cap– or no, the bigger the sunglasses, the bigger the… welp now we've lost our train of thought. Right, right, right– perfect fit sport sunglasses. BFG sunglasses are a great solution for golfers who want a wider fit. And you know what they say about a wider fit…

Golf Sunnies for Petite Players

We’ve got love for our fellow golfers with smaller noggins too! We designed the LFGs (Little F*cking goodrs) to perfectly fit a golfer who needs a smaller frame and slim fit for their sunnies to comfortably stay on their face. Great things come in small packages and the LFGs are no exception. For our petite putters, you can still get the same no slip, no bounce frames with polarized scratch-resistant lenses in a variety of fun colors without sacrificing comfort.

GOLF goodr sunglasses are built with our high contrast lenses. Think, all the HD contrast and performance without all the self-importance.


Ah, the popular crowd. The Nicklaus, Woods, Mickelson, and Daly-level polarized golf sunglasses. Taking these sunglasses out to the golf course at least ensures you’ll LOOK the part of a champion golfer. Sure we all know that professional golfers wear sunglasses, but they also know that the best sunglasses aren’t always the most expensive ones on the market.

You can get exceptional quality lens technology that keeps bright light from messing up your game without needlessly paying a fortune. And with high-contrast lenses and the best-looking frames in the game, you can step up to the first tee feeling confident. Confident that when you duck hook your first shot into the water, at least you’ll still look good in your playing partner’s Instagram story.

Only The Very Best Golf Sunglasses Will Turn Heads Out On The Course, The Range, And The Putting Green. While We Can’t Guarantee That Buying Golf Sunglasses Will Make More Of Your Putts Drop, That’s Really Not On Us Now, Is It?


goodr Golf Sunglasses are Solid F*cking Gold. Metaphorically. Solid gold golfing sunglasses would be highly impractical. Why is goodr the gold standard for golf sunglasses? Let us tell you. And you can believe every word we say because we’re golf sunglasses experts. Carl the Flamingo is frequently called upon by the golf greats for mentorship and margs. When you’re playing golf, there are a few key features to focus on (besides the ball, hitting the ball, aiming the ball to go into the hole, and not getting in the way of other golfers' backswings as they try to hit the ball, etc. You know, golf stuff.).

You want to feel good, look good, and see good. Right? Right. And golf is one of those sports where equipment matters and doesn’t come cheap. So when you’re looking to score a pair of new golf sunglasses, choose the features that count and not just the biggest price tag assuming it comes with the best features. So what if you can feel good, look good, and see good without being sad and splashing the cash unnecessarily? Impossible? Crazy talk? Grammatically incorrect? Ok, you have us on that last one. Grammar has never been our strong suit. But fun, fashionable, functional, and 'ffordable golf sunglasses are where we shine like the sun's rays that we promise to protect your eyeballs from.

The stylish pairings of goodr's frames with the wide variety of colored polarized lenses with UV400 protection are fashionable AND functional and won't drag your game or your dope outfit down. There are frame shapes that pair perfectly with every face, every style, and every personality. Feeling feisty? We've got a frame shape for you. Feeling confident? Your cocky eyes are covered. Feeling drunk? The best golf sunglasses from goodr won't slip off your drunk face. Check out what we've got!!!