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The Little F*cking goodrs Collection:Sunglasses for those with small headswho are tired of searching for that perfect fit but still want to rock their hottest pair of peeper protectors. Yes, we heard your cries for eyewear that not only fits but also bumps up the contrast to bring your vision to astronomical levels. We got you, boo!!!

Listen up, baddies with petite faces! We get it, finding sunglasses perfectly tailored for your face shape can be a downright pain in the... brain. Let's cut the sh*t and dive into why our Little F*cking goodrs are perfect for your gorgeous petite face size.

Small faces come with their own set of challenges, and we're here to absolutely crush those obstacles. No more oversized frames slipping down your nose or square frames drowning your tiny delicate features!!!

We understand the struggle and have crafted our sunglasses to cater to your unique face shape with style and pizazz. It's time to say goodbye to ill-fitting eyewear that doesn't cut it. Let's find you the perfect pair that complements your size, style, and rockin’ personality.

Frame Shapes

When It Comes To Frame Shapes, Our Little F*Cking Goodrs Have Got You Covered, No Matter What Your Vibe Is.

From Https://Goodr.Com/Collections/The-Runways - New Windowcat eye sunglasses that scream ‘rich, hot housewife from the ‘50s’ to Https://Goodr.Com/Collections/Mach-Gs - New Windowclassic aviator sunglasses for that cool, laid-back dad, we offer various options to suit your style. Prefer bold square frames or Https://Goodr.Com/Collections/Circle-Gs - New Windowtrendy round sunglasses? We've got it all, curated for those with petite faces who deserve to be just as good as the folks with the big ol’ noggins!!!

Polarized Lenses

We Don't Mess Around With Average Eyewear. Our Little F*Cking Goodrs Come Equipped With Polarized Lenses That Your Peepers From Harmful UV Rays And Enhance Your Vision With Unbeatable Clarity.

Say goodbye to squinting in the piercing rays of the sun and hello to a whole new absurd level of optical badassery. It's time to step up your eyewear game with polarized lenses that elevate your style and protect your eyes, all in one sleek package.

Frame Sizes

Fear not, our little-faced baddies, we got your back in finding those shades that vibe with your face like they were made for each other. Consider your face shape, whether oval, square, or round, and let our Little F*cking goodrs handle the rest!!!

Exploring Different Designs

From tortoiseshell patterns to sleek acetate frames, our collection offers a range of designs to suit every unique taste. Hunting for those sunnies that scream "I'm classy and cool at the same time"? We got you covered with gender-neutral swag and style.

Enjoy your unique weirdness and find the perfect fit for your teeny little whisper of a face, whether you prefer classic styles or bold, in-your-f*cking-face pieces. Let your sunglasses do the talking.

Top Picks and Best Sellers

These Babies Are Selling Faster Than Tickets To The Eras Tour, And For Good Reason (Did We Do A Taylor Swift Reference Right, Swifties?)

From a wide variety of frames that exude sophistication to sleek lenses that scream style, our curated selection is designed to make heads turn and hearts race. Explore our collection of petite face-friendly sunglasses and find your perfect match (trust us, you won’t need dating apps for this one).

Customization Options Like Nose Pads for Added Comfort

Our Little F*cking goodrs come with customization options like nose pads for added comfort and a personalized fit. Don't settle for one-size-fits-all eyewear when you can have sunglasses that cater to your unique needs.

Ready to snag your pair of Little F*cking goodrs? Our seamless checkout process is as smooth as your favorite celebrity’s perfect skin, ensuring a chill shopping experience from start to finish.

Plus, we accept payments in USD, making it convenient for our global customers to get their hands on these fashionable, functional, ‘ffordable, fun shades without any currency confusion. Say goodbye to the checkout chills.

First time ordering? Welcome to the goodr flock!!! We love our new customers so much that we offer special benefits for your first order.

Plus, rest easy knowing that our return policies are as flexible as your Tuesday night yoga teacher. (Have you SEEN their warrior three pose?!) If your Little F*cking goodrs aren't the perfect fit, no worries: we've got you covered with hassle-free returns and exchanges. Shop with confidence and discover why we’re simply the best.

Our commitment to providing eyewear for smaller faces goes beyond the obvious fashion statement you’re about to make—it's about empowering you to be the Grade A Certified Baddie you are. Stop f*cking around and shop our LFGs Collection already!!!